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Differential Repair Experts

Whenever your car makes a turn, the wheels outside the turn must travel faster and farther than those wheels inside the turn. The mechanism that allows the drive wheels to move at different speeds and apply torque at the same time is your differential. In a differential, a series of gears rotate in relation to each other and transmit power. The differential allows your vehicle to navigate a curve without the tires slipping or skipping on the road. The technicians at Performance Drivetrain have thorough knowledge of this system and know techniques to fix a differential when problems occur. If you need differential repair in Cotati, California, bring your car to us today.
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Signs of a Differential Problem

A faulty differential may result in a number of symptoms:
Howling or Whining During Acceleration
Whirring Noise During Deceleration
Whirring or Rumbling at 20mph or More
Rumbling Noises When Turning
Consistent Clunking Noises
Clunking or Banging Noises Only When Turning Corners
Clunking Noise When Pressing Or Removing Foot From Gas

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If you notice any of these common problems in your vehicle, we can take care of it. After a diagnosis, out team will provide you with a solution to correct the problem in your vehicle's differential. Simply bring in your car today and let us check it out.